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Alisa Apps brings a vengeful energy and musical sophistication to Pop. She is the first singer, and songwriter that actually boxes & fights. Self directed and self financed she takes the raw fighting spirit and attitude of the boxing ring and applies it to more complex material that appeals to listeners of all ages and musical persuasions.

VICTORY LAP: is the first single that people will pay attention to.  It's done in a way, by Alisa Apps, that has never been heard before.  It sounds amazing. Listen to it here.

The Greatest Boxers In The World are always fun to be around -- especially when Alisa's in the mood to sing her fantastic music -- and fight. "Alisa might be the woman Ali!"  Watch!

PEOPLE ARE READY FOR A BIG CHANGE IN MUSIC: The big three record labels control what gets heard and what gets written about (even dictating word-for-word articles for publication). Alisa Apps has sung, and spoken to, over 50,000 people, and 100% of these people want Alisa Apps. They want her to challenge the fraud and inadequacy in ‘superficial America’, they want her to Get Music Real. It’s exciting, it’s a movement and her fan base is so beautifully mixed. Watch 'FOR THE FANS' video below.

THE BATTLE BEGINS: Believe it or not, the fans think Alisa Apps "will make more money than Mayweather vs Pacquiao." Check it out.

Our New Challenge - Newsletter March 8, 2016  

My New Challenge 
I have released a new challenge video that is sure to generate interest in the music industry. In the challenge video posted on my Facebook page, I say: 
 “I'm going up against the biggest stars in the world and I'm challenging them to a boxing match and a sing-off” 
I've opened this challenge to any of the top ten musical stars across the world. I'm is offering them the chance to take me on and try to beat me in a one-on-one concert challenge. 
I invite anyone anyone from Sony, Universal…

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My Official Challenge to Popstars! 

Published November 2015
Where do we see Americans making great mainstream music today?  We don't.  It doesn’t happen anymore! 

The music business in America is in the worst state it’s ever been. We don't have virtuosos anymore. This country used to be known for its incredible talent; but no-one could say that today. How long has it been since you heard an individual with a really unique voice fighting for what they believe in and singing their own songs? You don't hear it because the music business has…

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Her fans are of all ages and musical persuasions – but all of them are drawn to Alisa’s attitude and powerhouse voice.  They think it’s cool that Alisa hates popstars, love that she fights, and want to spend money to see Alisa fight famous singers. Many of them are angry and want a new standard in music, and for them Alisa Apps is their deliverer.  All of these things make Alisa’s Army different from anyone else.