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The music industry stole from Alisa, they thought they had got away with it , but now it's payback time. Alisa is coming for revenge and she has what it takes to annihilate anyone in the music industry who stands in her way. She's ready and willing to finally knock out the thieving popstars and the establishment crooks who she believes copied her music because they couldn't write their own. She is determined to take back what is rightfully hers, and show the world what real music should sound like. It doesn't get any better than this -- Alisa Apps is serving notice on the world of stolen music .

Alisa Apps has been hailed as the greatest singer-songwriter since Bob Dylan – a real lyrical genius. Many people are saying her new album is greater than Alanis Morissette’s debut ‘Jagged Little Pill’ which sold 33 million copies. Yet there is more than that to Alisa. Following five years of training she is now a professional boxer; and really can knock out anyone in the music industry. As her own boss; Alisa Apps is rewriting the rules and changing the game forever. Don't forget to pre-order her album and tell everyone!

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Alisa Apps demonstrates her boxing skills. WATCH

Alisa Apps demonstrates her boxing skills. WATCH

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You and me making money 

For those of you who have pre-ordered my album, I want to THANK YOU and tell you that you have just become a member of a “super group”. 

While PRE-selling my highly anticipated ‘Top Of The World’ album, we are getting interest from every corner of the world, and remarkably 80 percent of all pre-orders sold are physical CD’s. It’s starting to remind me of Adele type record sales where lots of physical albums were sold. This is truly exiting. Because of the interest in, and significance of this album we will…

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Did You miss my trip to D.C.? Inauguration 

My Part in a Great Day For America  

January 2017 is a month I will be proud to remember for the rest of my life. I was privileged to be invited to Washington, DC for the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Many thousands came to our nation’s capital for the event, but I was lucky enough to be there by invitation of Eric Trump, the son of the President, as his special guest. As a lot of you will know I have been an active part of the Trump campaign from day 1 and I have been proud to do everything I…

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Press Release: Alisa Apps Files Lawsuit Against Universal Music Group and British Pop Star John Newman; Jay-Z Involved in Case.  

LAS VEGAS, July 14, 2016 – Professional singer and songwriter Alisa Apps officially filed a lawsuit against the world's largest music company, Universal Music Group, as well as British pop star John Newman, who is on their Island Records label. Superstar recording artist and music mogul Jay-Z is also involved in this case. 

According to Apps' lawyers, Philip P. Mann & Tim Billick from Mann Law Group, the basis of the lawsuit is copyright infringement of Apps' song Need To Know. 

The stolen song, Love Me Again…

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Our New Challenge - Newsletter March 8, 2016  

My New Challenge 
I have released a new challenge video that is sure to generate interest in the music industry. In the challenge video posted on my Facebook page, I say: 
 “I'm going up against the biggest stars in the world and I'm challenging them to a boxing match and a sing-off” 
I've opened this challenge to any of the top ten musical stars across the world. I'm is offering them the chance to take me on and try to beat me in a one-on-one concert challenge. 
I invite anyone anyone from Sony, Universal…

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My Official Challenge to Popstars! 

Published November 2015
Where do we see Americans making great mainstream music today?  We don't.  It doesn’t happen anymore! 

The music business in America is in the worst state it’s ever been. We don't have virtuosos anymore. This country used to be known for its incredible talent; but no-one could say that today. How long has it been since you heard an individual with a really unique voice fighting for what they believe in and singing their own songs? You don't hear it because the music business has…

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Fans of all ages and musical persuasions are drawn to Alisa’s attitude and powerhouse voice. They love that Alisa hates pop stars and will pay to see her fight famous singers. They are demanding a new standard in music, and Alisa delivers. Alisa’s Army is ONE OF A KIND!